Oat is one of the most popular cereals around the world because of its special energetic and nutritional components, which are essential in a “clean eating” diet. It’s also a big source of protein, vitamins, calcium, fiber and zinc.
It  lowers cholesterol and it’s recommended for people with diabetes.

Scientists suggest having oats for breakfast because it helps control anxiety throughout the day among other multiple benefits. Making it the perfect ingredient to incorporate in your weight loss diet.

In SIMSA Export we offer different types of oats; instant oats, rolled oats and oat flour. All available for international export.

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Cereals are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, which is ideal if you wish to start your day with energy. Their presentation makes cereals a fun  and simple option for our little ones.

They are made from corn, wheat, rice and oats, making them a great source of energy, vitamins, and minerals. Because of its high number of proteins, fats, and fiber; cereals are perfect not only for kids, but also teens and adults.

Cereal Bars

Cereal bars are the perfect on-the-go breakfast for busy mornings, they’re also an excellent alternative for kids and adults in order to substitute candy; and the best healthy snack between meals.

They provide you with the necessary energy, help improve intellect, concentration, and physical performance.

SIMSA Export cereal bars are healthy and nutritional at the same time, they contain organic ingredients such as chia and quinoa, and unlike other bars on the market, they add a very low percentage of sugar, calories, and fats.

SIMSA Export Conventional Products Bars
SIMSA Export Conventional Products Muesli Müsli


Müsli is a mix of whole grain cereals, dried fruits, nuts and seeds that make the ideal combination for a complete healthy nutritional breakfast.

It is known for its high content of nutrients making it the perfect breakfast for all the family members. It also contains fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and a high number of vitamins and minerals.

In SIMSA Export we offer a large variety of müslis with a unique combination of organic ingredients like cornflakes, quinoa, chia and oats.

The high quality of our products is guaranteed and certified

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