SIMSA Export is the export trademark of the bolivian company SIMSA “Sociedad Industrial Molinera S.A”; with more than 80 years of experience in the production and merchandising of food products with a high nutritional level.

We are a traditional company with great technological innovations and continuous improvements in the transformation and distribution of healthy products, providing to the international market a healthy and nutritional variety of high-quality products.



We are committed to the health industry, defining ourselves as loyal and compromised with our clients, suppliers and employees. We have two independent manufacturing plants: one responsible for the produce of organic products such as chia seeds and quinoa; and another one for our more conventional products such as cereals, oats, bars and müslis.


Planta Achachicala

Av. Chacaltaya 774 zona Achachicala

Planta Quinua Pura Pura

Av. Salamanca s/n zona Pura Pura


We currently export our products to countries in North, Central and South America, as well as Europe and other continents.

So far our products have reached more than 8 countries!

The high quality of our products is guaranteed and certified

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